Tuesday, February 9, 2016


This unique, home-spa Beauty System includes: Vitamin A Mask - the “gold standard” in battling visible signs of premature aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and spots.Vitamin C Mask - known for its therapeutic powers and for providing potent antioxidant and age-defying protection. Collagen & Elastin Mask - assists in boosting the production of Collagen & Elastin which help to keep the skin radiant, firm, and in optimal condition.

The DEW (Deactivator) - the 2nd step in this special treatment - a unique secretive blend of enriched purified dew water specifically formulated to react with the mask in the 1st step - MUST be used to deactivate the masks and initiate the lift-off process. This 2-step beauty system is unique in many ways: It enriches your facial skin with age-defying ingredients to combat and slow the aging process. It includes 3 different lift-off facial masks which work as a super effective Gommage that leaves your skin silky smooth, revitalized, and nourished. This system features a specially formulated DEW(Deactivator) that stimulates the masks and generates a slow, controlled exfoliation treatment, ensuring the effective penetration of the Vitamin A, C, Collagen & Elastin deep into the skin for superior results, while also removing waste, toxins, and dead cells from the skin. An ongoing use of this system should result in younger, healthier, and better looking skin.

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