Thursday, July 30, 2015

Say Good Bye to Puffy Eyes

PUFFY EYES....First things first. We’d like to avoid having them at all. The way to do that is:

1. Drinking some major H2O

2. Getting your beauty sleep

3. Taking your vitamins

4. Being born that way

I am aware that some (if not all) of the things on this list cannot always be attained. I am also aware that (due to genetics) some of us (yes I said us, as in me too) could sleep for the rest of 2015 with an IV pumping fluids and vitamins into our veins and still be bagging and sagging...But no worries!

In that case we move to damage control:

Try Applying Something Cold to Your Eyes (frozen cucumber slices, cold teaspoons, or even potato slices)

Get yourself a great Eye De-puffer. Our recommendations:

The Oceane Eye Therapy - 

A rich, silky formula developed specifically to deliver immediate, noticeable results to the delicate skin around the eyes. It corrects existing fine lines, wrinkles, and under-eye circles and puffiness, as well as prevents future signs of aging. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Power of Exfoliation - PRO TIPS


1. Before stepping into the shower, brush your dry skin with your loofah, body brush or exfoliating gloves. This will help remove the loose skin and prepare your skin for the exfoliating process. Begin with the soles of your feet, working your way up your body.

2. Get into the shower and wet your body from head to toe. Don't exfoliate your skin if you are sunburned or have any open cuts or wounds.

3. Use a pumice stone on your feet to eliminate rough spots and calluses. If your feet are extremely rough, soak them in a basin of warm water mixed with a cup of milk for 30 minutes before getting into the shower.

4. Apply your exfoliating cleanser to your loofah or gloves. Begin scrubbing your body in a circular motion starting with the bottoms of your feet and working your way up. When you reach the bikini area, don't scrub too hard because the skin is very sensitive.

5. Use a body brush to exfoliate your back and other hard-to-reach places.

6. Be gentle on your face, particularly around your eyes and mouth. Use an exfoliating product especially formulated for the face, which is gentler than products designed to be used on the body.

7. Don't forget about your hands. You want them to look and feel soft and smooth too!

8. Rinse your body with lukewarm water, and follow with the coldest water you can stand. Apply a shower gel to soften your skin, if you'd like.

9. After stepping out of the shower, apply a moisturizing body lotion all over. Body lotions and facial moisturizers containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids are ideal choices because these acids continue to remove dead skin cells.

10. Use body moisturizer once a day. Exfoliation is drying to the skin, so you must keep your skin hydrated.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Lips Have it...What Your Lip Color Says About You

The LIPS Have it...

Lipstick shades may determine what kind of woman you’re telling the world you are.

Red Rockers are deemed more creative and daring by others. They are also the most likely to be out of the house and at a bar on a Saturday night. They're most likely to exercise at least five times a week. Get it, girls!

Pink lipstick wearers are perceived as more sociable and fun-loving. But pink is also the color of power: Senior executives are more likely to own a shade of pink, whereas more junior ladies wear plums or nudes.

Plum puckers allow women to seem more independent and self-sufficient. Women who wear berry shades scored on the more mellow side of all survey questions, as they stay home on the weekends, rarely post selfies, and own the least number of shoes compared to other shade wearers.

Nude lips help women seem more warm and caring, which is why psychologists recommend trying a nude shade for that first date or a night out with good friends. Plus, you get the perks of the women who wear lipstick most often (like more confidence) while emphasizing your natural coloring.