Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Beach Ready Skin

Skin-baring season is here. Get smooth, flawless skin with our best skin care tips.

Exfoliation is the first step on the beach-body checklist. It sloughs off rough skin, makes skin more receptive to other treatments and creates a smooth canvas for fake tan.

The easiest and cheapest way is to use hand mitts and shower gel. Salt and sugar scrubs are oil-based, so don't use them right before applying fake tan as they'll get in the way of the formulation sticking.

For sensitive skin, dry body brushing is recommended. "Use a natural-bristle brush and work in light strokes towards the heart. It lightly removes dead skin, increases circulation and has a detoxing action that treats cellulite."

Washing can make skin dry out. Don't make the water too hot and use a gentle body wash.

If you have pale skin and dark hair, consider laser for long-term hair removal. For this summer? Waxing remains an effective way to take hairs out from the roots.
Shaving is even quicker and if you use a shaving oil you get smooth, silky-looking skin.

Body oils are protective and add a beautiful gleam. They suit most skins, but very dry types might prefer a balm with shea or cocoa butter.

Exfoliating regularly and massaging body oils into your skin is the best way to get a healthy glow. 

BONUS TIP: If the skin on your back is congested, try a "back facial" - a treatment offered at many salons that exfoliates and deeply cleanses this common problem area. Backless dresses, here we come!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Enter the Oceane Beauty Giveaway on Twitter

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Dive into Oceane!

Oceane Beauty, launched in 2015, caters to those who are seeking to rejuvenate their youthful appearance and to defy the aging process, those who want to feel as if they have just stepped out of the most exclusive spa, and those who want to look at their best.
For years, our research & development team, comprised of world renowned skin-care experts, has been trying to formulate that “perfect formula” that will reverse time, defy the aging process, and minimize the signs of premature aging. After many years and large capital investments we are proud to announce that we have found the fountain of youth: Oceane Beauty.
The two key ingredients that make the Oceane line stand tall above the competition is Pearl Powder and Marine Plant Stem Cells, both well known for their age defying and beautifying properties.
Pearl Powder is an ancient beauty ingredient that has been used for over 3000 years by Asians, Egyptians, Chinese, Mayans and Indians for radiant, bright, glowing, and healthy looking, beautiful skin as well as a remedy for a variety of skin ailments. 

Pearl Powder is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. In addition to its beautifying and anti-aging properties, Pearl Powder is also considered by many Asian traditions to stimulate healing, clear toxins from the human body, improve hair shine & strength, enhance cell metabolism, and contribute to one’s overall well-being. 

Pearl Powder is known as a super exfoliator as it naturally removes dead skin from the top layer of the skin. This natural, controlled exfoliation process will allow other age-defying ingredients to penetrate better and deeper into the skin for superior long lasting results.
While the benefits of Pearl Powder are well documented, the main benefits are:
• Pearl Powder softens and firms radiant, youthful Skin.
• Pearl Powder for centuries has been known for its skin brightening and lightening properties.
• Pearl Powder assists the body in regeneration of Collagen.
• Pearl powder assists in healing Acne, Scars, and other skin disorders.
• Pearl powder assists in reducing the visibility of lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and other signs of premature aging.
• Pearl powder reduces large pores, increases skin elasticity, and makes skin more flexible. 

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